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I Too Wanted Blonde Hair

With all the talk about Lupita Nyongo’s beauty speech and surveys asking little girls which dolls they would pick as prettiest, I started remembering back to my elementary days when I too, wanted to have blonde hair.

I remember going to school and there was a very pretty blonde girl with beautiful, long curls of silky, yellow hair running down her back. She was my friend and she was very nice too. I would run my hands through her hair hoping and wishing it would rub off on my hair and I would wake up with blonde curls.
blonde girl

I also remember a Spanish artist, Marisol, a little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes that sang. I too wanted to be her with those beautiful colored eyes and perfect blonde hair. And on top of it, she could sing!

My brother and sister used to make fun of me because I wanted to be Marisol, which loosley translated means Mari and Sun. So they nicknamed me Marinoche! Mari and Night, because I had dark hair.


I think of all little girls that feel they are less beautiful because they don’t have Snow White skin, or light blonde hair, or they think they are less valued or seen differently. I now know better. My Mom used to tell me I had the most beautiful eyes than any blonde, blue eyed girl she had ever seen. Plus my skin color was considered beautiful. Of course, I didn’t see a lot of models like myself on the covers of magazines or in movies. I thought she was just saying that because she was, after all, my Mother.

I don’t remember when I changed my point of view. Was it when for the first time in my life a boy told me I was beautiful? Was it when someone said I had the most beautiful, big eyes they had ever seen? Was it when I visited a northern city and a blonde girl asked me what I used on my skin to get it that beautiful color? (I wasn’t even tanned, it’s my natural skin color, olive)
I’m not sure when it changed but it did. No offense to blondes, but I think brunettes are some of the most beautiful women in the world. It’s my opinion of course, but girls today need the reassurance from their parents, friends, relatives and yes, media, that they are all beautiful, they are all worth something, and that every girl, no matter skin color, hair color, or eye color, all are beautiful individuals. No one else in the world looks like them.

Today, I am proud of my Mediterranean heritage and I thank The Lord I do not have fair skin, nor blonde hair, nor blue eyes. Not because these women are not beautiful, but because I am different and I too, after so many years of wishing and dreaming, I now know that every woman is beautiful, yes, including me!

Do you think the media influences our girls’ opinion of themselves? write me and let me know what you think.



NEISD Home For Sale


San Antonio Real Estate is hot right now. No, I don’t mean temperature wise, but finding the right property for your buyers is! Our inventory is very low, lower than average. What does this mean for buyers looking? Few properties are going to have the features, location and price you are looking for. There are still a few properties on the market, but finding them fast enough and them turning out to be move in ready is hard to find.


I present you with one of my latest listings for the buyer in this price range. It is ready to move in, and though it only has two bedrooms, they are huge bedrooms! They each have their own sitting area, study area, television area, exercise area, etc. The list goes on and on. Lots of possibilities here. If you are in the market for a great NorthSide property in San Antonio in the NorthEast School District, this is the one for you.

Open, Spacious, lots of light, Fireplace, Private backyard with covered deck, New Carpet, New Heater, New Paint, New window blinds. Even refrigerator stays. Bring your furniture, clothes and food and you are ready to move in.

Call me today to view this great property. Or call your agent if you have one. Im sure they would love to show it to you.

You can also go to my website to search for other properties. Selling? Make sure you fill out the What is My Home Worth on the Sell Tab, I promise to call you back!

And as Always, Keep The Faith!



Redland Road Santa—–or Who Is That waving Man?

If you live on the far Northside of San Antonio and drive  through Redland Road off 281, you’ve probably seen him once or twice, or maybe everyday!
He is always walking, wearing headphones, a contagious smile and big waves for all the cars, buses and anyone traveling the road. I always see him and no matter what mood I’m in, he always makes me smile.

I was curious about him. Who is he, does he live close by, why does he wave at every passing car. What’s the story? I just had to stop and find out.


His name is Brad. He lives close by, has worked as an engineer for Boeing for the past fifteen years, and has been walking for five years, everyday!

“In 2009, I weighed about 300+ pounds and I couldn’t play with my grand kids or walk even a short distance without being out of breathe,” said Brad.

I also had three knee replacements and my doctor told me I should not walk more than five minutes.
Brad decided enough was enough. He started walking little by little, everyday for the five minutes his doctor told him. Then ten, then fifteen, then more and more as he got stronger. He decided he would walk until he could walk no longer.

Anyone that drives through Redland Rd knows that there are no sidewalks, no really safe barriers from being hit. As a matter of fact, this is one reason Brad decided to start waving at everyone driving by.


“I was standing in front of the farm watching the cows when I heard a car coming down the road. As I turned around, I notified it came off the road and into the grass area. If I had not moved out of the way, the lady driving would have hit me,” Brad recounts.
Turns out the driver was texting and was not paying attention. This prompted Brad to start waving at everyone he saw looking down texting in order to get them to pay attention and focus back on the road.

“It’s been five years, 120 pounds lost and walks about five miles, not five minutes and I wave at everyone!”
And this writer noticed everyone waves at him too. Brad has even been featured on a local television station and has a Facebook page about his waving. He also knows many of the drivers by name because they often stop by. Police cars turn their sirens on when driving by and wave back at him too. School buses with children honk and all the kids wave at him. I asked him what his best advise for people that wanted to change their lives was and he said, “Get out and Walk.”

Great Advise! His favorite quote is  “There is no such thing as a normal life, just life”

I wondered how many people that do not wave back, but he has changed their lives in some way, their moods, made them smile?


Whose life will you change today?

Next time you drive by and see a man waving at you, wave back. It could change you forever.



Beatles Forever

I was watching the tribute to the Beatles last night, The Beatles: The Night that changed America. I say it changed the world. Although I was only 6 years old, ok, now you know my age, I know every word to every song they were playing. So did the audience. Listening to all the songs brings back so many memories. My brother, Juan Jorge, yes, he has two of the Beatles names, John George, was in love with their music, and I grew up listening to it all! Not only on records, but my brother playing it on his guitar!


The Beatles were a huge influence not only on my brother, but on countless of young men with musical talent. I believe they were and still remain one of the bands that had the largest influence on so much music as well as musicians that came after them.


The music transcends all ages, times, and genders. I cannot think of many other musicians like the Beatles that have had such an impact on our music world, not to mention our lives. What other music band do you know that when you hear their music it makes you cry, it makes you laugh, it makes you sing, dance, reminisce, and remember where you were, who you were with, danced with, cried for, wished for, celebrated, rocked to and always remember every word? I’m sure some music will always live in our hearts for many reasons, but how many bands like the Beatles will live in our souls?

There has been very few people, I believe, that these four have not touched their lives in one form or another. Our parents, our siblings, ourselves, our children, and probably our children’s children. That was music. You could actually understand the lyrics, they had meaning and they had stories. Sean Penn said it best last night, 100 years from now, this music will still be going strong.

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow!

Beatles Forever.


Where were you when The Beatles changed America?

Some pictures taken from Ringo Starr’s new e-book: Photographs

Great Commercial Property

San Antonio is booming! Not only with people moving here but also building residential and commercial areas. San Antonio, for those of you who are not familiar with it, is the 7th largest city in the United States.  We deliver entertainment to the Twenty Million Tourists, yes 20 Million a year with such attractions as: The Spurs, Four Time NBA Champions; The Riverwalk, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Sea World, Stock Show and Rodeo, one the largest in the Country! Some of the Best Golf Courses in the Nation, Six of the Fortune 500 Companies, The Fairmont Hotel who is in the Guiness World Records,


and we must not forget…..The Alamo!


Rich in history and culture, San Antonio also boasts of a great economy. I would like to contribute to that with the offering of this great Commercial property for Sale. A 3.3 Acre parcel located on the Northwest Side of San Antonio off 1604 Frontage Rd and Bandera Rd. It is great for a Hotel, Restaurant, Bar, Shopping Center, etc. This side of San Antonio, like all sides I should say, is growing in leaps and bounds.


What a great place to live, study, Oh yes, I forgot we have great Universities too, shop, work, and enjoy the weather!

Bring your offers to San Antonio and let’s make a deal on this property!

Happy Buying and as always,

Keep The Faith!


I am so excited I can hardly contain myself! I remember a saying from a while back:

“Today is the beginning of the rest of your life”

Do you remember that? Well, I do and it’s not exactly that you were not living, however, at different times of our lives, I truly believe that we change course, we start something new that has been in the back of our minds for a while. Today is that day for me.

I finally enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition! Actually, I enrolled back in November and classes started about four weeks ago. I have been so busy studying and absorbing everything like a sponge that I had hardly time to sit and write. I could not contain my excitement anymore and wanted to share it with the world.

imageWhat is the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) you ask? Here is a link for you to read

But simply put, it is the leader of Holistic Nutrition Education and has been for the past 22 years!

How did I arrive at this decision at this time in my life? Anyone who knows me knows that I eat healthy and try to stay away from harmful things in our everyday lives. But especially since five years ago when I had a throat cancer scare. I started my research into what really causes cancer, how do we get it, what can kill it or cure it. My research led to many eye-opening realities but the first change I did was to give up eating red meat. I will be sharing my journey with readers throughout this year of adventure and posting more things I have learned in the past and now learning through a more disciplined venue. If you would like more information about IIN , I have a banner on my blog for you to research.

Stay healthy and watch out for recipes and more info I am excited to share with you.

What is your passion?

Always Keep The Faith…

Life- Live It- Don’t Skip It!

What a great weekend I have had. But who said it was over? Why do we only think in weekend terms, why are our lives not counted as each day we live, every one being equally as important?

I watched a movie called “Click.”  It’s an older movie but I wanted to see it again and this time I received a meaning.

It’s about a man who has the opportunity through a TV remote to fast forward his life, or also go back to relive and look at previous stages of his life.  He is so anxious about the next phase that he begins to play with and then something goes terribly wrong!

The remote goes haywire and it  fast forwards. It goes through and skips some of the most important times in his life: like his son growing up and he never finished his tree house, his promotion and missing his daughter having a boyfriend, his son becoming lazy and heavy, his wife leaving him because work was more important. He fast forwards through very significant times, including the death of his father. He never had time to spend with him, or his wife, or his children. Now, they are adults and there is no time. And now he is sick, gets a heart attack and is in the hospital dying.

Luckily, this is just a movie, but sometimes life does feel like this. Why do we want to rush through it and miss the small things that really matter, like spending time with our families, making dinner and actually sitting down and talking to each other about our day, our work, our plans. Spending time with our friends that we say we are too busy to see them or spend time with. With all the distractions these days like cell phones, television, tweets, Facebook, etc., it’s easy to lose site of the more important things. I have made a promise to slow down and really appreciate the time I spend with family and friends.

click two

I have made a pledge to not look at my phone at the dinner table, especially when we are out at a restaurant. How about you? Are you with me? Let’s start to be respectful of our time with one another and really focus on what matters before we look back like the movie and we can’t click our way to the start of things.

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