Life- Live It- Don’t Skip It!

What a great weekend I have had. But who said it was over? Why do we only think in weekend terms, why are our lives not counted as each day we live, every one being equally as important?

I watched a movie called “Click.”  It’s an older movie but I wanted to see it again and this time I received a meaning.

It’s about a man who has the opportunity through a TV remote to fast forward his life, or also go back to relive and look at previous stages of his life.  He is so anxious about the next phase that he begins to play with and then something goes terribly wrong!

The remote goes haywire and it  fast forwards. It goes through and skips some of the most important times in his life: like his son growing up and he never finished his tree house, his promotion and missing his daughter having a boyfriend, his son becoming lazy and heavy, his wife leaving him because work was more important. He fast forwards through very significant times, including the death of his father. He never had time to spend with him, or his wife, or his children. Now, they are adults and there is no time. And now he is sick, gets a heart attack and is in the hospital dying.

Luckily, this is just a movie, but sometimes life does feel like this. Why do we want to rush through it and miss the small things that really matter, like spending time with our families, making dinner and actually sitting down and talking to each other about our day, our work, our plans. Spending time with our friends that we say we are too busy to see them or spend time with. With all the distractions these days like cell phones, television, tweets, Facebook, etc., it’s easy to lose site of the more important things. I have made a promise to slow down and really appreciate the time I spend with family and friends.

click two

I have made a pledge to not look at my phone at the dinner table, especially when we are out at a restaurant. How about you? Are you with me? Let’s start to be respectful of our time with one another and really focus on what matters before we look back like the movie and we can’t click our way to the start of things.