Everyday A Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day. It also happens to be my Birthday. That’s right, I was born on a Mother’s Day, many years ago. (we won’t go into that) This has been a hard week for me. Not work wise, not friend wise, not children wise, but emotionally. You see, My Mom died six months ago this past Thursday. The dates kept playing in my head, over and over, teasing me.

May 10th is the traditional Mexican Mother’s day celebrated by millions of Latin Women, their children, families and friends. It is the day that I would usually call my Mom and wish her Happy Mothers Day. A day six month after her passing, another date that teased me, taunting me, “You don’t have a Mom anymore.”

Luckily for me, I have great friends. Friends that somehow knew it was going to be hard for me. We gathered at a place in town called Bar Louise. Great place if you are ever in San Antonio. We talked, ate, laughed, took pictures.

Birthday 2013

At the end of the evening, I thanked them, was very appreciative, then on the ride home, I cried. I cried missing my Mom. She would be the first one I would call to tell her what my friends did, what they gave me for my birthday and what a good time I had. I cried for all the times I almost pick up the phone and call her to tell her I am sad, or happy, or let her know a milestone in my life. I cried because I no longer have my Mom.

Today, I celebrate my birthday, because  to me, everyday without my Mom is Mother’s Day.  It is more than buying gifts, cakes, having lunch or dinner together or visiting for a few hours.  Mother’s Day is everyday when she waited up for me those long nights when I stayed out with my friends, it is when she made me lunch, no matter what time of day it was, it is when she consoled me because I was feeling sad, it is when she laughed with me and celebrated my triumphs. Everyday to me is Mother’s Day and you too should celebrate everyday you have a Mom.

“I was born on Mothers day and I was a gift for my Mom, but more importantly,  I received the greatest gift of all:  Not life, not being born on a recognized National Holiday, but the most important gift of all…. My Mom! Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms.


Te extraño mucho Mamá.

I miss you Mom and I love you and today and everyday, I celebrate You!

As always, I too, Keep the Faith!