Cell Phone Use Out of Control

I love technology! It keeps us connected like never before possible. You are able to call someone from the grocery store to ask what you are missing at home. Forgot a document at home on the way to work? Call one of the kids or your spouse and have them bring it to you. Running late to an appointment due to traffic? Easy, call them from the car to let them know you will be there shortly. And in my Real Estate business, I could not do all the things I do if I did not have a cell phone with me, not to mention safety reasons to have it with you at all times.

But the question is: when is too much technology bad or badly abused?

I have to admit I too was a technology whore when the gadgets first came out. I could not get enough of them, constantly on the phone while driving, even when they were the old brick phones or bag phones. (many younger folks will not know what I am talking about) I thought I was the coolest person on earth, not to mention special, because I could call someone from my car, or hit someone with it should they try to hijack my car. (Hmm, note to self, maybe I should carry an old brick phone as a safety item)

But in reality, have we gone overboard in the use of cell phones? Was it not intended more as an emergency item in case of, let’s say, a Real Emergency? I have recently decided that when I am driving, or shopping, or dining out with anyone, that my phone should and does stay in my purse! How rude is it that you are having lunch or dinner with someone and your phone is on the table and it rings and you actually answer it? Not to mention you disturb other people around you who are trying to have a nice dinner. Wasn’t the whole reason to go out to dinner was to get away from home and the distractions that it brings, like phones ringing? I understand many people do not have home phones anymore, I too am one of those. I got tired of coming home to a machine full of messages and I had already spoken to all those people because they called my cell. As if what they had to share was an emergency!

My biggest complaint is when I am out shopping. Isn’t this the time that you are supposed to be alone looking for something to wear, trying out shoes, and just enjoying time with yourself or with a friend? NO, of course not. I have seen, and worse yet, heard many people on the phone while I am shopping. Do I really need to hear : “Oh My God, and do you know what she told him? And besides that, he is going to leave her anyway, she has cheated on him so many times.” OR “Hey, I’m out shopping what are you doing? Really, so what’s for dinner? Do you want to go to the movies later or should we call our friends and tell them we are sick?” REALLY?

I came out to shop so I could listen to dumb conversations while trying to get by you on an isle that you r hogging up and not really paying attention and hit me with your cart because you can’t drive and search for clothes and talk on the phone at the same time???? What the heck?

I know that cell phones have become part of our everyday life, but when you are with someone, give them your full attention! Think about it! If you were at home entertaining a group of friends, or just one friend and your home phone rang, you would politely tell the person that you have company and may you call them back? You do not sit there and start talking to them and leave your company alone, do you? If you do……where are your manners?

And that is the whole point to this rant I have….Sorry, I go overboard sometimes, I believe you call it, Passionate! I am very passionate about being kind to your friends, family, co-workers, anyone in general. I expect the same treatment and courtesy as I would provide them. In other words, “the Golden Rule,” Do Unto Others as You would Expect them to Do Unto you.”  It’s not a new concept by any means, but a great one that should be told over and over and over, to everyone, not just young people. believe it or not, I see more “mature” people committing this infraction than young people.

As for driving and texting……Let’s not even go there!

As always, I hope you chime in with your thoughts and comments and always,

Keep The Faith!

I know I will…