Customer Service: Fast Becoming Extinct

Customer Service is not what I remember it to be. I have many pet peeves, but one of the biggest one is having great customer service, no matter the business. Any business you work for, own, or come in contact with should have great customer service. I don’t think you can teach this, you either have it or you don’t. Sure, there are many books on how to attain it, but if you or the employees you hire don’t care, you will never achieve it.  One example is a receptionist, anywhere! When you think about it, they don’t get paid enough, have to answer all the phones calls, get complaints, people walking in, interrupting them, acting like they are not anybody! Right? Well, I have news for everyone out there….Receptionists are the front line of any company! They are the first person customers see when they walk in the door; the first people they speak to when they call on the phone; and they probably have more power to direct you to the right person than you think. So why are they paid so little and regarded as the bottom of the pyramid?

A good example is a Doctors Office. Have you ever walked into a Doctors Office to have the receptionist barely open the window, throw a clipboard at you and say, sign in? Then they close the window. If you have a question, they make a face, like you are interrupting them, again, barely answer you, ask you to sit down and again close the window? I wonder how many Doctors know about this and how it affects their practice?

I ran into one of those people. Being that I am so much into Customer Service, I really didn’t care how great the Doctor was. If I felt like I was not being treated properly, with respect and with the attention I deserve, why should I give him my money? That’s right, my money, your money! Do you get the picture? I looked for another Doctor!

Many business owners don’t realize that their front person is very important. Every person really, but this is the first contact to the world. This person can make or break a business. This person represents your company, even if you don’t think so! If they don’t greet you properly, if they answer the phone after 100 rings, if they make faces when you show up, if they ignore you when you are in front of them. This, in my opinion, gives the impression that the whole company is that way. I’m not saying it is, but someone walking into that situation or calling can certainly conclude to that, very fast. Customers should never be seen as a bother or interruption to your work. After all, they are the reason you have work, right? If you don’t have customers, you will not have work.

Customer Service is a lost art these days and I hope many companies realize this and try to get it back, fast!  If you do not have the customer service to back your already great product, you are going down fast! Let’s all be pro-active in demanding good customer service, from all aspects of business. If not, then let’s take our business to someone who does.

Keep The Faith